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    Sometimes you wonder why some social media posts get more engagement than others. The truth is that there are certain days and times of the week that greatly affect the number of people who share, like favorite and re-tweet your posts.

    A good example is when you share an image on Facebook on a Wednesday at 3:00am. You will realize that such an image will definitely have a few or no likes or share. However, if the same image was to be shared on a Thursday in the afternoon you will realize that it will have more likes and shares than the other times.

    Best Times To Post On Social Media

    This is because during this time most people are usually overwhelmed with the day’s work after a long week of working. Therefore, the following is a brief description of the best times to post on social media.

    It is often said time is everything and in social media marketing, time can make a whole new difference. Social media runs throughout the day and night. There is always someone posting on Facebook or tweeting. However, this can be a little difficult for social media managers and business alike.

    They can never be online throughout and yet they need to target a particular population. This is the reason why they need to know when to post their materials online.

    The following is how they achieve it:

    What Day of The Week?

    Reports indicate that engagement on social media platform is usually 18% higher on Thursday than any other days of the week. Probably this is because workers are losing their steam late in the week or maybe it is because they are trying to hustle and get stuff done before Friday.

    Either way, it remains that the end of the week is the best day to post important posts to gain an incredible audience. Most posts posted Monday through Wednesday are more likely to receive a low engagement rate as compared to those that come at the end of the week.

    What Time of The Day?

    Studies show that if you are planning to post on twitter, the smartest move is to post either before or after getting out of work. This is the period when the network is mostly engaged as compared to during the day when students will be in classes and when people will be at work.

    This is especially true given the fact most employees have strict policies to govern the use of social media around the work places and during work hours.

    However, for the business community, Weekdays remain the optimal days where the business can have a good interaction with other businesses but as for the business to consumers, most consumers are more likely to explore the businesses’ brands during the weekend.

    What is Post Half Life?

    Statistics clearly show that you have about 90 minutes before your Facebook post reaches its half-life in term of engagements. Remember that in every social media platform, user engagement drives the success of content. As a post receives shares, likes and re-tweets, it enters a new stream where other users get the chance to interact on its content and amplify its impact and visibility.

    Therefore this shows that if you want to maximize your exposure you can be posting on Facebook every one and half hours during peak periods.

    However, if you post too often your new post is going to feed the engagement of the previous posts.

    A tweet’s lifetime engagement is around 18 minutes.

    Best Time To Tweet

    The best time to tweet is on a Wednesday at 12:00pm and 6:00 pm. During these times you are more likely to receive more followers, re-tweets and favorites.

    This could probably be due to the fact that there are lunch breaks during these hours and people are likely to be looking for something to keep them occupied during this period as they commute from work going home.

    The optimal number of tweets per hour during this time should be between 1-4.

    Best Time to Post on Facebook

    As for Facebook, posts posted between 1:00pm and 3:00pm are likely to get more audience than any other time. However, the implication with this time is the fact that posts in the afternoon is more likely to receive more engagement.

    Social Media Platforms

    How to re-syndicate your content
    on these platforms

    After you have created your content, you should encourage sharing by making sure that you are making use of a prominent RSS feed on your website or blog. Add tweet buttons, Facebook” Like” buttons, “Send” Buttons and “Share” buttons to the content so that Other people can like and share it with these social media platforms.

    Also take a look at our review of co-schedule. Co-Schedule allows for the automation of syndicating content to your social media platforms. This is the tool that we use, and it has allowed us to schedule our content syndication based on around the best times to post on social media platforms.

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