Reaching Your Customers

Help Me To Target More Customers Effectively
I Am Wasting Time & Money!

Trust me I here ya! This is one common problem that we all have and without proven strategies that are repeatable and measurableyou might as well be throwing paint on the wall and hoping something sticks.

So I am hopeful that you read the importance of having a solid online reputation – if not then reading this will just be a waste of time! – Sorry but it’s true.

How To Reach Your Target Audience


Well if you are the government – you can just take over the TV Screens and blast away (A little political jab) – but as we are not the government with infinite resources – we must be strategic and savvy. We must selectively balance paid and free online marketing strategies with offline marketing strategies.

We must track all of our marketing campaigns to see the winners from the tire kickers. We must have campaigns tied to measurable goals. What we can’t do is just jump on the latest fad – burn through your monthly marketing budget – and at the end of the month not understand what or why you did what you did – We can’t do that!

Ok Stop With The Theory – give me something I can touch and feel Please!

“Alright Alright” – so here at Chase Marketing Solutions we do the following to help you target your audience more effectively:

  • We work to get your online assests ranked on the first page of search engines using current search engine optimization (Raleigh SEO) techniques and strategies. Assets include – Websites, Videos, Press Releases, etc.
  • We promote “Groupon Type” offers via Social Media channels – to target potential customers.
  • If the budget is there – we manage PPC & Facebook Ad campaigns
  • Finally – we also incorporate targeted offline marketing, but with Mobile Marketing added to provide “Offline Re-Marketing” Opportunities

So there you have it – this is a high-level summary of how we approach the second “R” in our 4R Methodology – which is “Reach”.

Two Down – Two More To Go!
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