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Getting Existing Customers To Refer Their Friends – No Problemo!

Now I won’t be long winded here – because by now you should have a pretty good understanding of how we operate here at Chase Marketing.

You should of now reviewed our Reputation, Reach, and Resell pages – and the picture should be pretty complete at this point – and you should be filling out the form on the right – but I digress!


So Let’s Dig In
Establishing effective referral campaigns – no matter how you cut it – really boils down to three things:

  • CREATE: Creating a referral marketing funnel that you can push existing customers through – consistently and with it being easy for the customer.
  • ASK PLEASE: Now this is not Rocket Science here – but you know what – businesses will not even ask for the referrals – Unbelievable
  • WHAT’S YOUR BRIBE: You need a sweet incentive for the customer who you are asking to refer your business. Need a Lollipop as we call it.

Now how does Chase Marketing fit into this equation – this “R” seems easy enough!

Well first things – don’t forget we have helped you with the other 3 R’s – which sets us up for this R.

Next you need help creating the referral marketing funnel and promoting this referral program. You also need help coming up with a decent bribe that will get your current customers to take action, and you need a way to measure the referral program to see how it’s impacting your bottom line and new customer acquisition.

So that’s it – At this point we have given you a pretty good idea on how we handle our marketing clients – and what areas we focus on to achieve our clients goals. So if you are still on the fence – then let’s do this.

Either Fill Out The Form To The Right – and one of our Marketing Consultants will give you a call, or you can be proactive and Setup an Appointment when it’s convenient for you to discuss your Marketing Needs. Either way – we are here and ready to help and “Grow Your Business”.

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