How Is Your Online Reputation?

If You Don’t Take This Topic Seriously Your Business Will Fail – It’s Just That Simple!

I hope I now have your attention. So my message for you is simple – Having any success online starts with Your Reputation.

Here at Chase Marketing Solutions – this is the First “R” in our 4R Marketing Philosophy – REPUTATION

No matter if you are on First Page of Google, Getting 100’s of visitors a day to your websiteLet me be clear – You are One Bad Review Away, One Negative Press Release Away, One Facebook Post to Your Fanpage Away – from losing business.

So If Reputation Marketing Is So Important To Businesses Today – Then Why Do Most Businesses Do Nothing To Establish & Grow There Reputation?

Good Question – Our opinion on this is that 1) Businesses owners don’t have the knowledge, and 2) They don’t have the time.

Now that you hopefully understand the importance of Monitoring, Managing, and Marketing your Reputation – Here at Chase Marketing this is the foundation of our Marketing strategies.

Before partnering with any of our clients – we set the expectations that we must establish and cultivate your Reputation, because then when we execute our marketing campaigns to drive targeted traffic to your business – the Reputation of that business must show positive – or the conversion rates of the marketing campaigns will be affected.

So we don’t even waste time with marketing your business without first establishing – your Reputation. Did you know this?

Reputation Marketing Review Stats

Ok enough said – I hope you understand the importance of this now. Do me a favor – contact us below and request our FREE REPUTATION REPORT – this will give you and idea of where you are in terms of your online reputation.

“Comprende!”Ok Let’s Move On To How To Reach Potential Customers.

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