Resell To Your Customers

Alright You Got Me Some Customers – Now What?

Now What? You Say! Well if you have been following our 4R’s Methodology – Your Reputation is now a “5 Star Reputation” and You are now consistently getting new customers into your marketing funnels and closing sales of your products and services.


Now the first 2 R’s (Reputation & Reach) – we do see some companies doing satisfactorily in these areas, but the last 2 R’s (Reselling to existing customers, and Motivating existing customers to refer their friends) – We rarely see these 2 R’s optimized properly.

So what is the takeaway here?

We have seen on average a 40%-60% increase in a business sales when they address these last 2 R’s (Resell & Referral). Now setting up Resell Marketing Funnels & Referral Programs is not as hard as you may think – it just takes a little discipline and upfront planning to set the systems up for maximum effectiveness.

PLEASE READ – You must understand this if nothing else – “The Money’s In The List”. You must NEVER EVER let a Customer come into your establishment buy something and not have a way to capture there information – Seriously this will short change your business big time!

So let’s not waste time here – We want to help you, and this is how Chase Marketing Solutions can help your business in this area:

  • We assist you with setting up email marketing funnels that is geared towards bringing the customers back or upselling other products/services.
  • We can setup Mobile Texting, Mobile Coupon, and Mobile Loyalty Programs – where you can perform “Real-Time Marketing” to your existing customers – This is POWERFUL when used correctly.
  • We also build and engage your current customers via Social Media – the primary purpose here is for your business to stay “TOP OF MIND” – don’t under estimate this – it works.

Ok So now we have covered 3 out of the 4 R’s (Reputation, Reach, and Resell) – Only one more to go – Let’s Proceed!

And Oh Yeah – If you have read the first 3 R’s – and still have not filled out the form to the right to get started – “What On Earth Are You Waiting For!” – I hope you have seen enough to know that we can help you – Let’s Do This!

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