Web App Development

Today’s web browsers are incredibly powerful pieces of software. Gone are the days of simply using a web browser just to look at web pages. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and even Internet Explorer are now engines that can be used for running applications that would have brought computers from just 10 years ago to a screeching halt.

The key to all of this is solid custom web application development. A web application is more than a web page. It is a fully usable computer application that, instead of running from your local hard drive, uses the latest in web based technologies to give you that same functionality straight from your web browser. Web applications can be accessed from anywhere you have an internet connection and they can accessed from any computer with a web browser.

We Believe That a Custom Web Application Should Actually Be Custom

Before the first line of code is written, we will work with you or your team to learn exactly what you need your application to do and why you are having it built in the first place. While it is true that the right application can simplify business practices, the wrong application can add layers of complication that will slow your business to a crawl.

Rather than recycling code from previous projects or trying to force you into a solution that simply does not fit, you can be sure that your custom web application developed by Chase Marketing Solutions is built with your specific needs in mind, and will integrate perfectly with your custom web design.

Because of our extensive knowledge and experience with web technologies, we will be able to make the right decisions for you based on your needs and act as your consultants throughout the process. You might not know what PHP, JSON, Git, or SQL is, but we do. Ruby on Rails? You don’t need to know who Ruby is or why she’s on rails – we’ll tell you if that particular language is the right one for your app and your needs.

Once the technical specifications have been determined and the green light given to begin development, we will make sure that it’s not just the web application that exceeds your expectations, but so is the experience you have while it is being built.

The Custom Web Application Development Process

At various intervals, you will be given access to test versions of your web application. We want to make sure that the app “feels” right to you because nothing can cause you to hate an application more than a poor user experience. At Chase Marketing Solutions, we focus just as much attention on the design of the application as we do the functionality.

We also use these test rounds as steps in our Quality Assurance process. We’ll ask you to test various business processes to ensure that the application can execute them as intended. If it can, you’ll sign off on them. If it can’t, or if the process can be improved, we’ll work with you to find out exactly where those improvement points are and what we can do to bring them to life.

Once the final testing rounds are complete and your application is completely developed, we will deploy it for use in your business environment. We’ll work to tie it into services that you already use and love and we’ll make sure that you and your employees receive all of the training and documentation necessary to use your custom web application to its full potential.

It Doesn’t Stop There

Depending on your specific needs, Chase Marketing Solutions will conduct regular maintenance, backup, and patching of your web application to make sure that as technology advances, so does this critical piece of your business’ infrastructure. We’re beside you every step of the way as your Raleigh web development and marketing solution. Your custom web application is no different.

We’re Here to Serve

Contact us at your convenience to find out how a custom web application developed by Chase Marketing Solutions might just be the improvement that sends your business to the next level.

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