Direct Mail That Works

Your email inbox probably gets checked hundreds of times per day. When you’re not checking it from your computer you’re checking it from your phone. When you’re not checking it from your phone you’re checking it from your tablet.

But with all of our technology, there is still a mailbox that gets checked once per day, every day, just like it has since since the mid- to late-1800’s: Your actual physical mailbox.

Direct Mail that Works

Direct mail campaigns used to be costly endeavors. A marketer with a message used to have to build their mailing list; either by hand or by making an expensive purchase, print all of their own mailing labels, and then jump through hoop after hoop at the post office to get their materials sent out to their local communities.

Those days are, thankfully, long gone.

EDDM, or Every Door Direct Mail, allows you to use data provided by the post office itself to select pre-populated postal routes. As the marketer, all you need to do is choose the routes you’d like to target and pay a fee to deliver your materials to every door on that route.

But what if you could make this process even simpler and more targeted? Using our proprietary technology, you can do exactly that. With Chase Marketing Solutions running your direct mail campaign, you’ll be able to filter and sort through the data the postal service provides in order to target your customers based on key demographic data – data that makes sure you’re spending your money in the areas and neighborhoods that maximize the possibility of a sale.

Why Would I Want to Send out “Junk Mail?”

It’s only junk if it doesn’t apply to your customer! But, what if I told you that:

  • 98% of consumers bring their mail in every day.
  • 65% have tried a new business after getting a piece of direct mail from them.
  • 85% look through their mail specifically to find new offers and coupons.

Raleigh Direct Mail EDDM

As a total marketing solutions provider, Chase Marketing Solutions uses direct mail as a first step. Why bet everything on one marketing method when a process that builds on each step is going to give a far greater chance of success?

Our customers know that a coupon in a piece of direct mail might produce a one-time customer. But, a coupon in a piece of direct mail that entices a customer to sign up for a mobile marketing campaign, mobile text campaign, or a newsletter campaign is far more likely to become a repeat customer. This magnifies the value of that piece of direct mail far beyond its initial cost.

We’d Love to Help You

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