Internet Marketing

What did you think you were buying when you purchased your website?

A place to list your address and hours?
A place someone could go to find your phone number?
A place to show the products or services you had for sale?
A place for people to fill out a contact form?

Did you have any idea that you were buying the most effective marketing platform ever created?

It’s Time to Change the Way You Think About Marketing

The last time you thought about marketing your business, you probably thought about taking out an ad in the local newspaper, buying some radio time, or maybe even a TV spot. These three marketing vehicles have one thing in common:

They blast your message out to the masses, leaving you to hope that you reached someone who wanted to hear your message right then and right there.

What if we could turn that upside-down? What if we could determine who your ideal customer would be and then market directly to that person?

This is the power of inbound marketing.

What Can Inbound Marketing Do For My Raleigh Business?

Internet search technology has spawned a critical change in consumer behavior: We now search for exactly what we want.

The goal of inbound marketing is to make sure that the potential customer that is searching for your product or service not only finds it, but recognizes you as the best resource to get it.

How? As your internet marketing team based right here in Raleigh, we will craft a strategy that combines superior content and page copy with all of the latest vehicles the web makes available to deliver that content straight to your potential customers:

  • Blog Posts
  • E-books
  • Social Networks and Sharing
  • Webinars and Podcasts
  • Whitepapers
  • and more!

When combined, these various components come together like parts of an engine to create a well-oiled marketing machine. The net effect is a website that inspires visitors to become customers and readers to become unknowing marketers because they’ll be sharing your content with their friends and networks.

It’s All Part of a Tried and True Methodology

Inbound Marketing Methodology

These are the steps we’ll be taking as your Raleigh internet marketing agency. Each one is critical to the success of your overall inbound marketing effort and we’ll be watching constantly to make sure that your visitors are moving through them at just the right pace.


If you don’t have traffic coming to your website, we’ll build your traffic. If you do have traffic, we’ll get you more. It’s as simple as that.

Whether we’re creating content that’s generating buzz about your product or service, or getting your company the attention it deserves on social channels, our primary goal is to get more eyes on your website. Once they’re there we can analyze and sort them to determine which ones will make the best potential customers.


This is what it all comes down to: Conversion. Your site needs to become a place that they come to over and over again to get information critical to their wants. Why? Because trust isn’t built overnight.

After your site has proven time and time again to be a valuable resource, they will reach out to you. How do we know that? Experience.

Through the strategic use of lead generation and specific calls to action, such as signing up for a newsletter or an e-book download, we will begin to create a picture of who your engaged visitors are. These are the visitors who are most likely to become paying clients and customers.


With everything that’s said about providing free content and information to your visitors, it’s easy to believe that the focus gets lost on the “Sales” part of “Sales and Marketing.” We assure you that this is not the case.

The old adage of “Always Be Closing” still holds true today and as your Raleigh internet marketing agency we know that the only way to make a sale is to close the sale. We’ll strategically monitor your sales funnel and develop a thorough picture of how consumers in your specific business go from being interested visitors to paying customers.

At the same time, sometimes the secret is knowing when someone isn’t quite ready to become a paying customer. Your sales team will work to identify these cases and ensure that they don’t feel pressured by a hard sell. If they want to explore your company a little more we’ll make sure that they have the opportunity to do exactly that.


Customers are great but there’s one thing better: Repeat customers. In the “delight” phase we work to ensure that converted leads have a better experience with you than they’d have anywhere else. And, if a lead converts to a customer and that customer becomes a repeat customer we find out what brought them back and how to ensure that they keep coming back.

But this isn’t enough. There is one more thing that separates happy customers from delighted customers and that is whether they promote your business to their friends and networks. Delighted customers are like salespeople that you don’t have to keep on payroll – they’ll sing your praises in conversation just as easily as they’ll post a link to your business in their social feeds.

We’ll make sure that you have practices and systems in place that encourage this behavior at every possible opportunity.

How to Get Started

We firmly believe in this methodology’s ability to take your business to heights you’ve never imagined, but it starts with understanding that this is not a traditional way to market your business.

Think about it this way: If the internet represents a new way to bring your product or service to the marketplace, why would you focus on using traditional marketing methods when using it?

It starts with a conversation. Contact us to discuss how we can bring an inbound marketing campaign to bear on your business. Give us the opportunity to study your business and what makes your particular brand and way of doing business unique. Once we understand that we can show you how we will use your strengths as a company and our strengths as a premier Raleigh internet marketing agency to introduce you to customers you did not even know were looking for you.

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