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Few things will be as important to your business as the choices you make when it comes to your branding. By creating a brand you are creating a living, breathing thing; it identifies your business the way your own face identifies you.

Among the most important parts of that brand is your logo. If your brand is the face of your company, then your logo is the eyes. It is the window to the very soul of your business.

We are exposed to hundreds, if not thousands, of logos and brands every day. Virtually everything you use from the moment you wake up has a logo or brand associated with it. Try it one morning. Count the number of logos you see from the time your eyes open just to the time you’re ready to walk out the door. We guarantee you’ll give up and stop counting in the first couple of minutes because there are just so many of them.

It is critical that your logo represents your brand’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction while, at the same time, shows your company’s personality and lets those things through that make you unique. High quality custom logo design is the cornerstone of making that happen.

What Sets Logo Design at Chase Marketing Services Apart?

We know that you have a choice when it comes to every single aspect of your business. And, as business owners ourselves, we know that every choice made is one that has to maximize its impact to the business for the amount that is spent on it. This is called return on investment and it drives every decision you make.

At Chase Marketing Services, we believe that we have created the perfect blend of affordability and value that maintains a high level of quality and produces custom logo design work that you can take pride in.

And, we offer all of it for just $147.

You probably didn’t expect us to give you the price up front, did you? With Chase Marketing Solutions, you won’t get any of that “every project is different” marketing-speak that is so common when working with designers. Not only do we tell you how much your custom logo design will cost but we’ll also tell you exactly what you get with it.

Every professional logo design job completed by Chase Marketing Solutions comes with 6, yes SIX, concepts. Once you choose the concept that you like the most, we will revise it an unlimited number of times until you’re nothing less than completely and totally delighted with it. And, you can always talk with your designer at any time during this process because we are a US-based company working with US-based graphic designers.

But, if after all of that we are still not able to produce a custom logo for you to your liking, we’ll refund every penny you paid as part of our Money Back Guarantee.

Fully custom logo design done by professional logo designers at an affordable cost, with all of our prices and guarantees laid out for you up front. This is the Chase Marketing Solutions difference.

True “One Stop” Shopping

Once your logo and branding is complete, let Chase Marketing Solutions handle the rest of your public persona. By offering custom Raleigh marketing solutions including web development, social marketing solutions, SMS campaigns, and even direct mail, you can develop a relationship with a single company that knows you and your business the best. There’s no need to work with five different companies and manage five different relationships. At Chase, our understanding of you and what drives your business allows us to create custom campaigns for you no matter the medium.

Let Us Start Working on Your Logo Today

We believe that we’ve created something special and we’re pretty sure that you’ll think so, too. Give us a call, toss us an email to let us know how we can start helping your company get the brand recognition it needs in order to start thriving, or if you are ready to give us a try you can fill out our easy payment form.

With our complete Logo Design Money Back Guarantee, you simply can not go wrong.

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