Mobile App Development

Having a site that functions well on a mobile device is a necessity of doing business on the modern internet. Everything from your site’s performance speed to its search ranking can be affected by whether or not you’ve taken the time to acknowledge that we do, in fact, now live in a mobile world.

But there is one thing that your business might be lacking that could help your online sales even more than a well-designed and highly functioning mobile website. The truth is that if you sell a physical product and you don’t have an app, then you could be missing out on a significant amount of business.

This Is An App’s World

Apps rule the mobile market. Over 100 billion apps have been downloaded from Apple’s App Store alone. Since their inception, the rise of the app market has been meteoric and it is not showing any signs of slowing down.
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Users love a well constructed and well designed app experience. More than their mobile or desktop web counterparts, a company’s specific app can sometimes be the driving force for a large percentage of its traffic. Social sites see most of their traffic from their apps. Some sites, such as Instagram, only function from the app while relegating view-only functionality to the website.

Product companies like Etsy, Zappos, and Overstock, as well as major retailers like Target, WalMart, and Amazon have all provided their customers with the ability of searching their products on the go and initiating an order from anywhere in the world.

Need more proof? Think about your own smartphone. How much would you say that you use it for apps versus using it as an actual phone? When’s the last time you even used it as a regular phone?

Chase Marketing Solutions is Your Raleigh Mobile Application Developer

You know the care we took to craft your marketing campaign or build your website. Now, let us take that same care in creating a mobile app experience that will wow your customers and encourage sales from an entirely new funnel.

Your sales team will work with you to determine why you want an app and what you want that app to do. Then, after getting a crystal clear picture of your needs, we’ll work with our team of developers to start crafting an app experience that’s worthy of your company.

We focus on 4 main aspects:

Design – If your app isn’t well designed, then no one is going to use it. It will get massacred in app store reviews. The entire project lives and dies with the user experience that your app provides.

With that much riding on it, we are going to craft an app that does justice to your brand and demonstrates your commitment to quality. We will use modern design specifications, specific to each particular platform, and make sure that we’ve crafted an app that pleases the customer and encourages sales.

You’ll be kept in the loop through the entire process and asked for feedback at key milestones on either development versions of the software or design mockups. Rest assured that your voice and vision will come through on every aspect of your mobile app when it’s developed by Chase Marketing Solutions.

Functionality – We’ll build your app to be a seamless extension of your business. App users will have access to the same resources that mobile and web users can access. Your app will integrate with all of your existing data and provide the user with a functional and mobile-optimized experience that shows that every aspect was crafted for use on a mobile device.

Marketing – We’ll submit your app to all of the right app stores to make sure that it has the best chance of being downloaded. We recommend that you build for both Apple- and Android-based platforms. Windows Phone is also emerging as a strong, present day contender. Regardless, we’ll make sure that your app is available in your selected app stores and we’ll track and report on your number of downloads.

We’ll also work with you to ensure that your app is marketed and visible on your desktop and mobile sites. Visitors that prefer an app-based experience will be encouraged to go to the app store and download your app directly, while we track and maintain statistics on their behavior.

Maintenance – Need some enhanced functionality? Find a bug or two? We’ll maintain and patch your app to make sure that your high standing in the app store stays high and that you’re seen as a responsive business that cares about its customers’ experience on its app.

App Development with Chase Marketing Solutions

The right app could be just what you need to capitalize on a brand new revenue stream or put your offerings in front of an even wider customer base. Our sales team would be more than happy to discuss an app with you and determine if having an app developed would be right for your business.

Web development and mobile app development, all from your leading Raleigh marketing services provider. Talk to Chase Marketing Solutions about developing your new mobile app today!

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