Is Mobile Marketing For You?

There is a mobile device within
10 feet of you right now.

I’m not looking through your camera but I’m telling you that I know, for a fact, that there is a mobile device – probably a smartphone – within 10 feet of you right now. It’s probably closer than that. In fact, it’s probably within arm’s reach.

How do I know? Because mobile is everywhere.

So why is it that when you think about marketing, one of the last things you consider is what can happen when we send superior marketing content straight to customers’ mobile devices?

Give Me That Sweet Mobile Marketing Data

I get it – you need some convincing. How about this:

  • More people use mobile devices than use desktop/laptop computers
  • While most searches still start on a desktop, mobile only trails by 11% – and it closes the gap more every day
  • 48% of mobile searches start on a search engine – not with a particular brand
  • 89% of the time people spend consuming media on their phones is through an app

What does this tell you? It tells you that mobile search gets the ball rolling but once the customer finds what they’re looking for, they jump out of the mobile web and into an app if they can.

Mobile Marketing is Opt-In

Have you ever Liked a page on Facebook? Followed a brand on Twitter?

When you did that you told that brand that they can market to you. You gave them explicit permission to try to sell you things – otherwise, why did you choose to follow them? You knew they were a company and companies (including yours!) exist in order to make money.

What if we could not only bring your customers to you through effective internet marketing strategies for your website but we could also give you the opportunity to send targeted marketing messages to them wherever they happened to be at the moment?

That is the power of mobile marketing.

Apps. SMS. Coupons and other incentives. All of these are available to you in one perfectly wrapped, location-aware package just waiting for you to use them to bring your message to your customers.

Mobile Marketing as a Service

You don’t need to know how to create an app. You don’t need to know how to launch a successful SMS/text messaging campaign. All you need to know is that these things can bring immense value to your organization and Chase Marketing Solutions is the company that can tie it all together for you.

We understand that mobile is the future; we saw it coming long before people were downloading apps instead of just going to brands’ websites. And, we understand the differences between lengthy email and web campaigns and the short microbursts of attention that you get as people check their mobiles throughout the day.

Let us prove that to you. Contact us by any of the means we have available here on our site and find out why Chase Marketing Solutions is the company that can put your message in front of your potential customers – anytime and anywhere in the world.

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