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All these years later and we are still so hooked on texting. While SMS remains relatively expensive throughout much of the world, in the US we enjoy some of the lowest rates available for sending and receiving text messages. Most mobile plans still include an unlimited texting bundle.

That’s not going to change any time soon. I know – I can hear you already: “What about iMessage? Doesn’t everyone have an iPhone?”

The 1 billion (yes, with a B) Android users out there might have something to say about that – and they don’t get iMessages. And, don’t forget about Windows Phone. Microsoft has some momentum right now and we wouldn’t be surprised to see them pick up some market share.

So, believe us when we tell you: SMS is here to stay in the United States for a long time.

Putting the “Short” in Short Message Service

The average TV commercial is about 30 seconds long. The average email newsletter can go for a page or two. Facebook posts can be thousands of characters long.

With SMS you get 160. 160 characters to inspire your customers to spend their hard-earned money with your company. But first you have to get them to sign up.

Text “Subscribe” to……

As part of our Marketing as a Service philosophy, we understand the challenges involved in getting customers to buy into giving you another way to market to them. They know your website, they get your newsletter and your tweets – they may even have your app. Why should they let you text them?

Our goal is to create a value proposition so strong and so unique that they can’t imagine not subscribing to your messages. Maybe it’s mobile coupons specifically for SMS subscribers. Maybe it’s location-aware messages that are only sent when they are within a few feet of your store. Stopping in might not have been in their plans that day. But, if you’re offering 15% off for the next 20 minutes so long as they show you that message on their phone? You might have just changed their mind.

No sale to sale in 160 characters. That is the value of a Chase Marketing Solutions mobile text campaign.

You’re Still Not Convinced, Are You?

That’s ok – it’s hard to grasp how texting someone, especially in the age of mobile apps, can have a positive impact on your sales. How about some stats?

So, you see, the question is not whether you should be concerned about customers not liking you texting them. The question is whether they feel left out because you’re not texting them!

Your Mobile Text Marketing Campaign is Waiting

You just need to engage it. We are ready to discuss the best ways to use this incredibly under-utilized marketing avenue to increase your value to your customers and interact with them in ways you never thought possible. We will set up a targeted and effective text marketing campaign that will show your customers that you understand this technology and how to best use it for their benefit.

You might not get to show the world how many subscribers you have like on Twitter or Facebook, but your text subscribers will be just as valuable to you. We’re waiting to show you how.

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