Why Should I Use Press Release Services?

Press Release Services Work – It’s Just That Simple!

Press Release Service

Now I am not going to ramble on here – this will be short and sweet! I know that makes you Happy.

What will consistently syndicating Press Releases do for your business? That is the question right?

  • Increase your brand and position you as an expert,
  • The press release will rank for keywords that your website may not easily rank for and thus send traffic your way,
  • It will increase your “Reach“, and increase your social signals.
  • Local journalist may pick up your press release if it’s news worthy.
  • and many other benefits

Ok! Ok! – I understand that press release services are valuable but they are so expensive to use. I can’t afford it!

Well yes you are right – on average if you were to get a press release written and syndicated from a top press release service provider like PRweb, you would be looking at about $350-$500 per press release – Ouch!

Now luckily for you – you are on this page – and not the page on the PRweb site.

Here at Chase Marketing Solutions – we can write and syndicate your press release and it won’t cost you $500, it won’t cost you even $300 – and guess what the press release will get the same level of syndication that you would get from a Tier 1 syndication service like PRweb. Now that is a “Deal Changer”.

We are partners with a leading press release service companyNewswire.net. We charge $197 to write and syndicate your press release (only $125 to syndicate, and $100 to write if not bundled with syndication), and guess what we even allow for “Rich Media” like Videos, Pictures, and to top if off we even allow you to place advertisements or offers in the sidebar of the Press Release page (Now that is Powerful!)

Don’t take my word for it – here is a Press Release we did for an Art Gallery in Raleigh, NC. As you can see, they have a contact form and a virtual tour of the gallery in the sidebar – along with the press release.

Ok so hopefully you now have the reasons why Press Releases are an important strategy for local businesses, and you also now know that we can help you write and syndicate them for a reasonable fee.

If all of this sounds good – just contact us – we are here to help.

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