Reputation Management

Let’s talk for a minute about the last big purchase you made: TV? Car? Computer?

When you first started thinking about that purchase, which of these did you do:

  • A. Start combing through back issues of Consumer Reports
  • B. Take a look online and start reading reviews

If you’re anything like us, a big purchase is preceded by hours, if not days, of scouring the internet looking for what people have said about the very thing you’re thinking about buying. With the click of a button or touch of a screen, the average consumer now has the same level of influence that reviewers for big name publications once had.

Even more concerning is the fact that a company’s reputation is now placed front and center for the world to see. When you Google a local business, what’s the first thing you see? The business’ Google listing right alongside their reviews. Google is, in effect, telling you “we’ll tell you everything you want to know about that business that you’re curious about, including what everyone else around you thinks of them.”

Your professional reputation is the lifeblood of your business. If you’re serious about your business then you need to get very serious about online reputation management.

Buyers Trust Reviews

72% of consumers trust the reviews they read online just as much as they would trust a personal recommendation, and most consumers read online reviews of local businesses before determining whether or not to shop or do business with them.

What does this tell you? Most people are looking into your business before your phone rings or your door opens, and the information they are reading carries the same weight as a conversation with someone they know. Very large judgments are being made about your business long before you ever speak with that customer.

Because buyers trust reviews, customers coming as a result of positive reviews are hot, pre-qualified, and pre-sold. It’s like they’re coming to see you just after having a conversation with 25 of their closest friends, and all they talked about was your business. Imagine the impact to your bottom line if all they did was spend that time singing your praises!

You Can NOT Hide From Your Reviews

Customer reviews are a major part of any search engine results page. Once a Google search page is displayed, your reviews and the opinions of your customers are everywhere. Reviews will show in your:

Organic listing
Maps listing
Ads that you have paid for
Local directories

and more!

You must engage in a coordinated and concerted effort to make sure that these reviews do nothing but reinforce your business as the place for them to trust. As little as half of a star can make the difference between a customer buying from you, or their money going to your competitor instead.

If My Reputation is Based Off of What Other People Think of Me, How Can I Control It?

Online business reputation management is about turning your customers into your biggest advocates. We will work to ensure that you have systems in place that address customer service issues while they are small and don’t grow into social media nightmares. We will ensure that customers that you have delighted know that vehicles exist for them to share their experience with others. And, for everyone in between, we will make sure that we know what they are saying about you online – be it on the countless number of review sites on the internet as well as social channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Online reputation management is here to stay and is becoming more important every single day. And, as Google pays more and more attention to a business’ reviews as it determines how to rank that site for SEO, your business’ overall visibility will eventually be directly linked to the experiences that your customers choose to write about.

It’s that last part where having us as your local Raleigh internet marketing agency can help the most. The old adage still holds true; consumers are far more likely to tell others about a bad customer service experience than a good one. We will change that for your business.

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We are ready to get your customers talking about you. Your sales team will work to determine the avenues that your customers are most likely to use to discuss their experiences with your company. We will then maximize the likelihood of a customer using one of those avenues to say wonderful things about you, thus creating a solid positive reputation for you and the work you do.

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You’ve worked long and hard to build your business. Don’t let the absence of a positive online reputation keep you from the customers who could benefit from doing business with you.

Our Online Reputation Repair Is Different

Other internet reputation companies will only treat the symptoms. Our internet reputation repair services not only will fix the initial issues of bad reviews, but we will monitor and prevent future online reputation issues from occurring. Contact us today to discuss your reputation repair needs.

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