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If you’ve looked around our website, you already know that we live in a post-desktop era. Mobile internet traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2014 [] and that trend is not going to reverse. Why? Because, at this point, there are more mobile devices on this planet than there are people. []

Mobile is here to stay – it’s plain and simple. The question is whether your business is a part of it and how much money you’re losing if you’re not.

Pinch and Zoom Just Isn’t Good Enough

When mobile devices were first able to access the internet, pinch and zoom was the law of the land. Your mobile phone or tablet would access the full version of a website and then, in an effort to make the text readable, you could use gestures to zoom in on various sections.

We tolerated this because of the novelty involved. We were accessing websites using devices we could hold in the palm of our hands and it was “cool.” What it was not, however, was usable or sustainable. A better way of accessing information from a mobile device had to exist.

At first, we did it by creating completely separate sites built specifically for mobile devices. While this was a perfectly usable solution for mobile device users, it effectively doubled the amount of work that web developers and designers had to do because they were now building and maintaining multiple websites.

But what if we could take one website and then write it so it looked great no matter what kind of device was being used to view it?

Mobile is Now All About Responsive Web Design

Using code built into the back end of your website, we are able to create a great user experience from your single site and it doesn’t matter if a customer is using it from their desktop, phone, tablet, or any other device.

This means that only a single site needs to be maintained at any given time. And, it eliminates the possibility of consumers getting the wrong information because they were looking at a different version of your website that had not been updated.

It also means that you’re not paying to have multiple sites designed and developed. While there are some small design requirements that need to be taken into account when working on a responsive site, they are not nearly as extensive as what you might encounter when working with a multi-site design scenario.

If You Want to Be Found On Google, Then You Need a Great Mobile Experience

Aside from listing whether a site is mobile-friendly in the search results, your mobile presence now has a direct impact on your search rankings. [] It is no longer possible not to care about the experience that your mobile visitors have on your website. Your rankings will still be affected on the desktop.

Remember, Google is all about making sure that the best, most relevant content rises to the top. And, when looking at global search trends, few things are more relevant than the fact that most searches now start from mobile devices.

If You Want Customers to Come Back, Then You Need a Great Mobile Experience

The usability of your website plays a huge role in the overall experience that customers have with your business. And, today’s customers now expect that businesses will ensure that they have a great experience no matter the type of device being used.

Think about it this way – If you were accessing a company’s website from a PC and a notice popped up saying that the website was best viewed from a Mac, would you tolerate it? Or, would you close that tab and go find another company to do business with?

The same holds true for mobile sites. Today’s customer will not hesitate to go find a mobile-friendly site rather than deal with a negative user experience from a non-mobile site. There are simply just too many other options out there.

If You’re Involved in E-commerce and You Want Customers to Pay You, Then You Need a Great Mobile Experience

Having a mobile-friendly homepage is not enough. Every aspect of your website, from the home page and the navigation to the contact form and payment gateway, needs to be optimized for mobile. A customer can back out of a purchase at any time. You don’t want your shopping cart or final checkout to be the part that motivates them to find another site to make that purchase.

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A conversation with Chase Marketing Solutions is the first step toward making sure that your business is ready to meet the needs of today’s challenging market. If you already have a website, we’ll make sure that it can be accessed from any device at any time.

If you’re looking to develop a brand new web presence, we’ll use the most modern web programming languages and best practices to ensure that your new site looks great on everything from a 55-inch big screen to the mobile phone sitting in your pocket.

It is a mobile world – we can’t stress that enough. Talk to us today to make sure that you’re a part of it.

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