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Most business owners have heard of SEO or Search Engine Optimization (Raleigh SEO), but here at Chase Marketing Solutions we still run into many business owners that are not taking high search engine rankings seriously in there marketing strategies.

Well we are here to inform you that marketing has changed and if you are not striving to achieve top rankings for not just your website, but videos, press releases and other online content that will establish leads and build authority then you will lose business, it’s just that simple!

Search Engine Optimization Raleigh

Chase Marketing Solutions is a leading search marketing firm in Raleigh, North Carolina that approaches organic search in a effective and holistic way.

We assist local business owners with achieving higher visibility in top search engines using a multi-faceted approach.

Optimze, Optimize, Optimize!

We all know content rules online, but without the subtle optimizations required to increase visibility of the content, you are just talking to yourself.

In today’s online world Google has made it very clear that it wants authority sites ranking on the first page. You can no longer “Muscle” your way to the top.

Our SEO experts will work with you to create engaging and well optimized content for your online assets that will increase authority, which in turn will increase rankings, which finally will increase the conversions. Which after all is the ultimate goal of any SEO campaign.

Are you in the 7-pack

The 7-pack, as it’s known in the SEO circles, is the Mount Rushmore of local business in a given niche or industry.

You need to be there, and we know how to get you there. With the SEO optimizations of your online assets now in place, we will build the necessary local listing citations required, and provide the right amount of social signals and link building to get your business included in the 7-pack.

Here We Are for Raleigh Internet Marketing Company

Raleigh Internet Marketing Company 7 Pack Listing

But Wait! we will still need your help to get those 5 star reviews, because once you are on Mount Rushmore, you need to stand out, and this is what the 5 STAR reviews will accomplish.

Not A One Trick Pony

As you can probably tell by now, we are not just web designers, or SEO experts – we are Internet Marketing Experts focus on increasing your revenue using proven strategies.

We will bring a holistic solution that leverages SEO, Social Media, Video Marketing, and Mobile solutions in order to establish your business as the authority so that when leads arrive to your online assets, your business will have the trust and reputation required to make that lead feel comfortable doing business with you.

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Just as we will optimize for you, we must also optimize for our search marketing company rankings – LOL, Tracy did a great job shooting this video.

We Are Here To Help, Contact Us Below – Mount Rushmore is Waiting For You!

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