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There is only one way to know if your website is working for you. It’s not the number of sales you have. It’s not the number of phone calls or emails you get. It’s not the number of customers who walk through your door.

It’s by getting hard factual data straight from the site itself and then analyzing it until your eyes cross.

Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about personally going cross-eyed from analyzing, re-analyzing, digesting, and then analyzing some more as data about visitor behavior and traffic sources streams in. As your local Raleigh internet marketing agency, it’s our job to sift through the piles, translate it, and then tell you what is working on your site and what we might need to change.

What Can Analytics Tell Me About My Website?

The better question is what can’t analytics tell us about your website. To be perfectly honest, there isn’t much that can’t be gleaned from an analytics report.

We can tell you when people are most likely to be on your website, where they are located geographically, how many pages they visit during a session on the site, where they usually leave the site from, whether it’s their first time there or not, and about a hundred other metrics that tell us what works about your site and drives people to respond well to it, or what doesn’t and makes them go elsewhere.

It’s All About the Call to Action

The call to action, or CTA, is the thing that we want people to do when they’re on your website. Sometimes it’s as simple as filling out a contact form and leaving their name and email address. Other times, maybe we want them to download an e-book or some other form of specialized content. And, in others, we want them to pull out their credit cards and buy something from you.

Our goal with analytics is to see how visitors arrive at your site, what they do once they get there, and how they respond to the call to action.

Your High School Gym Teacher was Right, Though. You Have to Have Goals.

Once we establish what that call to action is going to be, we strategically develop a series of goals that we want to track. Every time a visitor successfully completes our call to action, we have accomplished a goal. Then, in analytics, your sales team determines how many visitors have completed the call to action versus how many have not. This is called your conversion rate. The higher the conversion rate, the more successful a website you have.

So, That’s It? It’s Just About Conversions?

Not exactly. We didn’t want to bog you down with all of the details. After all, as your internet marketing agency, it’s our job to know these things – not yours! But, if you’re interested and want to know more, let’s talk about KPIs.

Key Performance Indicators are to your website what gauges are to high-performance cars: They make sure that anyone looking at them knows whether things are running right where they should be or if there’s a problem.

Conversion rate is far from the only KPI we keep our eyes on when it comes to your website. Conversations with your sales team will also center around how frequently the same visitors keep stopping by, when they’re stopping by, what path they are taking through your website, whether or not they are interacting with your site in any way (blog comments, social shares, etc…), and what they were doing just before they left.

Monitoring these KPIs allows us to determine if the path through your website from initial visit to CTA is a smooth one which leads to a conversion or if it’s a bit more bumpy than that and needs some smoothing along the way.

Who Are the People in Your Neighborhood

Analytics can also tell us if other sites are linking to your content. Knowing who is linking to your content and sending visitors your way is great for SEO but it can also be useful for everything from understanding who your competitors might be to even forging new business relationships.

How Do I Get Started?

In today’s data driven world it’s amazing to consider that there are website owners who do not use analytics to track the performance of their website. Still, the number of sites we visit and explore to determine if they are collecting these metrics is astounding.

Tracking analytics is one of the first things you can do to ensure that you are getting every last bit of power from your website. And, if you are tracking analytics and your competition is not, you have an incredible advantage over that competition.

Contact us to find out more about the advantages of website visitor analytics. We can discuss cases specific to your business and even show you a sample analytics report that shows the information that you could be getting right now to make the most of every visit to your website.

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