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Are You A Business Owner That Get’s It?

When business owners (especially biz owners in my backyard – Raleigh, Durham & Wake Forest, NC) contact us concerning their web design project, We usually get an earful of what kind of design they want, how pretty and eye catching they want it to be, blah blah blah…!

Now don’t get me wrong those things are very important – but what really makes us smile is when a business owner is also concerned about how the website will bring them business after the website design is completed. “Ah music to our ears!”

When we hear a concern business owner ask questions like:

  • How will the user experience improve my conversions?,
  • How will the website encourage the user to take the action we want once they arrive at the page?,
  • How are we going to optimize the page content to increase conversions and rank well in search engines?
  • How will we ensure integration with our existing custom web applications?

When we here questions like this – then we know we have a business owner who gets it.

We hope you are in this group, but if not it’s OK – after working with us you will be.

Now why are we so transparent with you, Please don’t be offended? It’s because at Chase Marketing Solutions – WE CARE! (read our tagline).

We are not trying to take all your money during the web design phase – We really despise those high end raleigh web design firms that do this. $6000 – $10,000 for a website – REALLY Unbelievable!!

Here at Chase Marketing Solutions we want you to have money to market your business – and yes we want to work with you to market your business.

We want to be your “Marketing Expert” that will work with you to Grow Your Business, not just your Web Designer (that’s just one small piece to this complex puzzle).

So if any of what was said above “Hits Home” and you are looking to start this process of building your business online presence the right way, then please contact uswe would love to help you.

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