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    Owning a small business is hard enough these days. Three out of five of them fail within the first two years then another two out of five fail within the first five years.

    Overwhelming odds to start a business to say the least but, more importantly, staying in business is the big picture.

    There are hundreds of responsibilities in owning a business, I know I don’t have to tell you that. However, the top three business challenges shouldn’t be on that list.top3marketingschallenges

    My hope is that by listing them out, breaking them down and showing you the most successful way to manage them, I can help in some small way in your lasting success.

    The top three business marketing challenges are knowledge, time, and money. Sounds familiar, right?

    I’ve heard plenty of small business owners say the same thing – “I don’t have time for this.” “There is no money in the budget.” “Who are you again?” Some of the most classic responses.

    In my case, it feels like trying to ice skate uphill most of the time. However, Zig Ziglar once said: “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” I truly believe that so that’s why I want to help.

    Let’s discuss the issues one by one and come up with some proven techniques that will make your life easier, sound good?


    The old adage is that “knowledge is power” however, in my humble option, that is only half correct. It is the implementation or action based on that knowledge that gives you power. Here is an example – “Hi, I would like for you to invest in my idea, I need one million dollars, please. Thanks”

    Would you do it? Probably not, even if you had the money to spare. Now, what if I told you the person that was asking for it was Warren Buffet? How about Mark Zuckerberg? Maybe, maybe not, but you’re at least thinking about it.

    See the knowledge is what makes or breaks people and businesses. The difference between a hero and a goat, right?

    Case in point, this year SuperBowl, who passes on the one-yard line when you have the number one running back in the league? Knowledge and action.

    So, for you, it’s knowledge of a product or service that will keep you in business by bringing you more customers or getting the upsell from your current customer base.

    You have two options that will help you do just that. Search engine optimization and/or social media re-targeting.

    This is what allows you to focus on your business while these tools, systematically work for you. Growing your business and re-engaging your customer base.

    These are the best employees since they work around the clock, they don’t put undue stress on your customers and you can manage them effectively.

    If you’d like to know more about SEO and social media please click on the links provided or here, so we can talk in more detail about your needs.


    One of the hardest lessons I’ve learned is that it doesn’t matter how much you want it, how much you deserve it or how hard you’ve worked for it – if the timing isn’t right then it’s not going to happen.

    So, you’d better be prepared for when the time comes to start or grow your business. “I don’t have time for this” is an excuse and you’re really saying “I don’t want to spend time on this”.

    You’re considered the professional in your field, right? We are too. So we can setup the “digital handshake”, which is your website. It will be information giving but also provide “call to actions” for your customers to set an appointment or straight out buy from you.

    We paint a buying picture using your reputation from reviews and customer testimonials so you can present your best foot forward and guide the visitor to buy.

    All of this takes time. We’ve dedicated our time to helping you become, and stay, successful. That way, you can focus on what matters most you, your business.


    I get it. Most businesses feel that it’s about the money. Sometimes, it is. Other times, it’s a combination of all three challenges. You don’t understand the value or have time to get the information so, you go for the easy out, which is “I don’t have any money for this”.

    I know, for a fact, that small business owners are not afraid to make a decision – they’re afraid of making the wrong decision.

    That makes perfect sense. A wrong decision could make or break a business. Remember hero or goat? However you don’t have the knowledge or time to become informed, so what do you do?

    Two options – either make the time or hire a professional. The worst thing I’ve seen is an owner that does nothing. Can you believe it?! Nothing! People don’t start or grow a business by doing nothing, they do it by acting.

    Minimal risk because they are informed or have the right team on staff. Ties back into “knowledge is power”, right?

    Final Thoughts

    I hope this blog has helped. Either shed some light and provide some direction on your current situation. Or even better, allowed you to accept that you need help. Understand the top 3 business challenges is the tricky part.

    Correcting them is a breeze because know you have the knowledge to do so and the time to do it right.

    Helping small business become and stay successful is what I do and it’s what I love. Zig Ziglar was right because I have everything I want in this world because I help people get what they want, first.

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