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    The harsh reality of website traffic is that regardless of how great the site is, chances are fairly slim as to a customer randomly landing on it. Therefore, it is imperative that a variant of strategies be used in order to get your site noticed by upwards of .5 billion consumers that currently surf the World Wide Web. Those that are online regularly, compose more than a third of the planet’s population.

    Gaining visitors becomes a matter of persistent and creative marketing. On the brighter side, the little things still bring a great amount of traffic to your site. There are a great number of fundamental steps that far too many businesses tend to neglect. Steps that include placing your company’s website address on all printed material, the mention of a newsletter once they visit the site or content that piques interest. These factors will substantially increase visitors that will become either subscribers or customers.

    Email Signatures

    Get Traffic With Email Signatures

    A tool that has proven successful while remaining absolutely free, is the use of an email signature.

    Create one that has a link to your site and allow it to automatically attach to all outgoing emails.

    This only takes a mere few seconds of your time and it very well may bring you site new visitors daily.

    Online Chats & Discussion Groups

    Yet another traffic builder, that is also minimal in cost, are online chats and discussion groups. As it deems itself appropriate, provide fellow participants with your company web address. Look for opportunities to join discussions that are relative to your product or service, while not being a salesman. It is imperative that you show your level of expertise, share articles pertaining to the topic at hand while providing solutions that are expressly helpful.

    Within a short period of time, people will begin reading your profile or the will ask hoe you derived your knowledge. It is at this time that you can explain your industry and company to them, creating a desire for them to come to you and your website. This is a far better option than that of old school advertising that causes companies to chase customers instead of inbound marketing that is about you.

    Social Media & Auction/Marketplace Sites

    Social Media Marketing

    Advice similar to this can be attributed to social media sites such as Google+, Twitter and Facebook.

    It is a very profitable strategy for you to create profiles for your business, befriend like-minded people and businesses while becoming active within groups that tend to cater to your target web audience. Keep the profiles regularly updated.

    For example, real world events should be submitted to the “events” section of Facebook and any new products or services should be announce via status updates as well. Social media serves as a wonderful platform for drawing viable traffic onto your website.

    For those that have retail sites, a huge traffic builder is the posting of items that are for sale onto the major marketplace and auction sites that include Amazon, Yahoo! And eBay. Sites such as those allow you to identify your company to viewers.

    With a few dollars that are spent on highlighting your items will bring visitors in search of more information regarding your company. A number of smaller retailers contend that their advertising budget is composed of less than $100 per month.

    Even with the minimal amount that has been spent, traffic counts have been reported to exceed 500 views daily.

    Even goods that are being sold at no profit increase the amount of traffic to your site on any given day, justifying the efforts by leading to future and additional sales.

    Blog Commenting

    Within your niche, there are a number of top blogs that have hundreds to thousands of visitors each day. Properly blog commenting consists of thoroughly reading the post and should have something meaningful and/or useful to add, leave the comment. The purpose behind commenting is not to simply drop your link, but to add value to the conversation in order to increase your overall network.

    Content Aggregators

    A great workaround for getting Google to reward you with traffic is to get your content listed on content aggregators that are popular where a vast number of people will be able to view it. Some of the more popular include the following:

    • Alltop – online magazine rack for the internet
    • BizSugar.com – entrepreneur and small business owner community
    • Hacker News – social media site that tends to cater more towards entrepreneurs as well as small business owners
    • Inbound.org – content discussing and sharing community that also provides marketing ideas

    Guest Blogging

    When done properly, guest blogging has nothing to do with links, it is completely about traffic leverage. Once your content is able to appear on a highly popular blog, the following is able to be accomplished:

    • You establish yourself and company in becoming viewed as an authority within your company’s niche
    • A percentage of the readers will look into your product or service further increasing the probability of them becoming customers.
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