Why Pick Us

As a small business ourselves, we understand the one great truth of owning and running a small business: Every. Penny. Counts.

This doesn’t make you cheap. It doesn’t make you any less of a company than larger businesses that operate on wider margins.

It makes you smart. It makes you innovate to find new ways of solving problems. And, it makes you understand the value of a company that has positioned itself specifically to solve your needs.

Why Choose Chase Marketing Solutions

This Used to Not Be An Option

You used to have 2 choices: You could bring together a collection of tools and services and task internal people with trying to learn how they worked, or you could hire a full-service internet marketing agency that would give you everything you needed, plus about 500 other things that you didn’t need. Either way, they’d still charge you full price.

Neither of these options worked. Both would result in massive wastes of both time and money – time that could be spent doing the work that you love that brought you into business in the first place. And, money that could be spent on an effective marketing solution that gets you what you need without paying for services that you don’t.

Enter Chase Marketing Solutions and Our “Marketing as a Service” Strategy

With our unique approach to solving the marketing needs of the small business owner, our customers are able to obtain exactly the services they need to grow their business while, at the same time, keeping costs down by not paying for things that won’t help them.

Our knowledge of internet marketing strategies and solutions rivals that of the larger firms. But, because we only charge for the services you use, your total cost is kept closer to what you’d pay for your own “do it yourself” in-house solution.

You Run Your Business. We’ll Bring You the Customers

You are not a web designer. You’re not a marketing guru. You’re not a social media strategist.

What you are is someone who is passionate enough about a product or service that you want to bring it to the market and try to provide it to others. You didn’t go into business in order to deal with the web, social, and other marketing hassles.

We understand that and we feel the exact same way about bringing cost effective internet marketing and web design solutions to small business owners.

But here’s the thing: We are web designers. We are marketing gurus. We are social media strategists.

We are Chase Marketing Solutions.

Small enough to care, large enough to deliver.

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